Eagleview in Exton PA – Utopia Realized

There is a place, only ¼ mile from the PA TWP, where business and housing mix to form a utopian plan.  Large, tree-lined meandering streets, cute retail shops, restaurants, condominiums, apartments, single and town homes and all the ancillary activities like pool, tennis, hiking exist.  Now surround this oasis with a buffer of soft industry gorgeous mirrored buildings.  Sound too good to be true?

Check it out on Route 100 at the Turnpike.  It’s called Eagleview and it professes to have everything a person would need even its own YMCA.  Built by the Hankin Group, it continues to grow in an organic way.  The Town Center is always adding new venues including favorites like Nudy’s Café and the Brickside Café.

In driving through the community one may be tempted to rename it “Yuppyville” or “Preppyville”.  Hey that’s OK for me, I was born a prep and I’m proud of it.  If there was to be anything held in common here it’s the look of the American dream.  Who wouldn’t want an adorable single home with manicured lawns and a white picket fence?

For sure it’s not cheap to live here but it is affordable.  The residents are slow to move out so if there is a barometer, that alone should lend credence to the quality of living.  If you want to know more about this community, call or email me for the inside scoop.  After all I am a REALTOR among other things.

Eagleview in Exton.  A great alternative to ho-hum housing for the uptown professional.

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