I am so lucky to be a REALTOR.  In my profession, I get to meet fabulous new interesting people and see their neat homes in the surrounding cool counties of Bucks, Chester, Delaware and Montgomery counties.  And in the process I travel great winding roads during our changing seasons.  Spring color just takes my breath away.  Myriads of yellows, purples, reds and whites permeate the counties and accentuate farmhouses, covered bridges and other indigenous buildings.

Photographs by Claire Richards

Often I mentor new real estate agents for RE/MAX and I kid them persistently about how bad we have it.  After our morning computer catch-up, we jump into a really nice car and break into a chorus of Willie’s  “On the Road Again”.  The first order of business is planning where to stop for lunch!  Hey this is a necessity … you gotta eat!

All kidding aside, I LOVE being a REALTOR.  My clients (who always turn into close friends), the houses (some better than others) and driving in the country landscape … wow.  It takes my breath away!!!

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