Thinking About Selling Your Home?

Four Reasons To List It NOW!

sold home

Well, I bet you haven’t heard that in a long time …  A great many sellers have been waiting on the sidelines for years, needing to but afraid to sell.  There have been a lot of rumors about it being a waste of time, few qualified buyers and low selling prices.  What has changed?

1. Inventory is low

2. Buyers have a pent-up demand

3. Historically low mortgage rates

4. Prices of homes are rising

Now I am not saying that you can just list your home and expect a rush of Buyers to write offers on your home.  You still have an obligation to do your homework.  Consider staging it to get the most dollars in the shortest listing period.  And most important, price it realistically at “market”.  Listing it higher than comparables is just a waste of time.  Buyers are smart and so are their agents.  Keep in mind their Buyer’s have goals of a great home, at a fair price. If you are not sure what your home is worth, we’d be more than happy to help you determine its market value with a free comparitive analysis! Simply give me a call at (610) 256-2780.

Good luck with your home listing ….

Thanks for reading,