Just like other styles, everyone has their own personal finance style. And it’s one of your most important traits. Why? Because it can influence your choices on spending, saving, income, investing and many other potentially life-lasting money matters. That doesn’t mean identifying your personal finance style can’t be fun, though. So let’s get to it: Which one of the following best describes yours?

personal finance style

The Squirrel

Much like our furry, acorn-gathering friends, Squirrels are compulsive savers. They put money away every month, know exactly where it is at all times, and guard it carefully.

The Dealmaker

If you think you’re getting value, you’re opening up your wallet. To Dealmakers, coupons, discounts, rebates and special offers are the best inventions ever.

The Enthusiast

You believe life is meant to be enjoyed and money is the means. Whether it’s trips, restaurants, gadgets or a new wardrobe, Enthusiasts put their money where their pleasures are.

The Gambler

If a higher return is possible, you’re rolling the dice. Gamblers embrace risk and enjoy investing. They’re energized by the pursuit of big money.

The Planner

You’ve never met a spreadsheet or calendar you didn’t like. Planners know where their money is and where it’s going. They’re always developing, tweaking and reviewing forecasts and goals.

The Giver

To you, money is meant for good causes. Givers generously donate to charities, political or social causes — seeing their money put to good use gives them a warm and fuzzy feeling.

Did any of those look familiar? Like other kinds of style, there’s no right or wrong — each of the above has unique financial strengths. Each also has their own weaknesses. For example, Givers may give away so much money they don’t end up having enough for basic needs. Squirrels may have trouble investing for potentially higher, long-term gains, while Gamblers may get burned by the markets a few too many times.

The takeaway is this: by knowing your financial self, you can guard against your weaknesses and accentuate your strengths. That way, your personal finance style is working for you, not against you.

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