Chester County Day

Always the FIRST Saturday in October

Radnor Hunt Sideways     


This year the tour begins in West Chester and moves east touring East Goshen, Willistown and finally Malvern, a jewel rarely on this tour. I don’t know about you, but the CCD tour is one of the highlights in the year and a must for those who live in the County. Did you know it’s the oldest house tour in the nation?

What’s it all about?  Your $35 ticket (which benefits Chester County Hospital) allows you to visit old and interesting homes, barns, gardens, and landmarks in Chester County from 10-5. Trust me, you will not be disappointed.

Rise early this year and plan on meeting at the Heartwood Farm in Willistown at 8 AM or so.  Why so early?  The traditional Foxhunt moves out promptly at 9:00 AM with horses, hounds and riders.  If you miss the starting bugle, you can always look for them jumping the fences and chasing the foxes on many adjacent farms.

Either before or after the start of the Foxhunt, check out the “Radnor Hunt” on Providence Road to broaden your knowledge about the history of the sport. For over 100 years, Radnor Hunt has been the focal point of an active sporting community, carrying not only its traditional activity of foxhunting, but also encouraging a great many other activities involving horses, horsemanship and good sportsmanship.

Of particular interest to me this year are the offerings in Sugartown, Willistown Township at the intersection of Boot, Providence and Spring roads.   There’s the Carriage Museum displaying some period 12 carriages, 6 sleighs and 3 bicycles. Did you also know that Sugartown was the cradle of the country’s First Platinum Industry.  That’s right, Joaquim Bishop moved his Platinum Works in 1865 to Sugartown from Bryn Mawr.  He was credited as master machinist and metallurgist in Platinum and hid his endeavors under the guise of a simple home so it would not attract would-be burglars and thieves.

The real treasure on the tour is the visit to the many fine historic homes (30 or more), too many to see them all in one day. Homeowners have been busy painting, cleaning, and polishing for weeks. The gardens have been weeded and freshly planted with an abundance of mums and fall color. Picnics are in order during the day along the planned route.  If you wish you can order a picnic lunch at  Ariana’s Gourmet Café in WC Boro or Brandywine Catering for just $10.

We have the Hospital’s Women Auxiliary to always thank for this event and in particular, CoChairpersons, Louise Milewski and Karen Weber.  Bravo!

Thanks for reading,