Catherine’s Restaurant, Unionville, PA BYOB

Are you in the mood for a little romantic restaurant in a village that few
people know?! A gastronomic delight?! Check out this Mom & Pop in the
little village of Unionville, Chester County. And, where is that, exactly?
It’s at the juncture of routes 82, 162, and 842, close to Kennett Square,
the mushroom capital.

When you pull into this darling hamlet, don’t sneeze, or you will cruise
right through it and pass a number of unique stores including the Small
Animals Association, the Unionville Saddle Shop, Kinlock’s Woodworking and
don’t miss Roundabout Quilting.

The restaurant is in a typical red brick general store with a cute country
front and ample parking behind the store where the main entrance in located.
Outdoor dining is available in the eclectic and gentrified garden. Just
stepping inside makes you aware that this is going to be good, very good.

Charming small tables light by candle, dark enough so that the wait-staff
brings you flashlights to peruse the menu.

We started with potage, their specialty – mushroom and crab. It’s out of
this world with their warmed crusty bread. Actually the soup is more of a
stew, it’s so rich, spicy and substantive.

Next we chose the mixed salad with goat cheese, mushrooms, peppers and
vinaigrette dressing, a nice choice.

I know, it’s boring but we couldn’t resist ordering the same entrée… the
chef’s special plate of red snapper garnished with garlic, peppers,
tomatoes, olive oil and served with fresh green string beans al dente and
risotto (sorry, not my favorite).

After desserts, coffee and some pleasant conversation on a rainy night in
the middle of nowhere, we exited to our car and a trip back on long, windy
country roads along muddy slopes and swollen creeks.

** $$

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